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David worked as a stockbroker for over 30 years before spending the last 10 years working for a small ASX listed Biotech as an Investor Relations Manager and then as a director. He and his family have had a long history of working with and for the Jewish community and he is a life member of the AJAX football club having played around 250 games in the 70s and 80s. 

He joined the Liberal Democrats recently and has immediately embraced the core principles and the policies based on them. Energy policy is an area that is of particular interest and believes that if you don’t have nuclear as part of the mix you can’t claim to be serious about net zero.

He believes that the lack of differentiation between the major parties has created the opportunity for the LibDems to become the genuine opposition party with even a chance of government within 3 to 4 election cycles. In the meantime, with a realistic hope of holding the balance of power after the next Federal election, the LibDems may be in a position to keep the major parties accountable.

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